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Processor -32-bit ARM 11 processor.
Memory -128MB Flash, 64MB SDRAM.
Screen -3.5” TFT, Resolution: 320×240; Support ASCII character display, graphics file display and touch screen
Keyboard -10 x numeric keys, 3 x operation keys, 3 x function keys, 1 x boot key; waterproof (IP53), dustproof, with backlit
Magnetic Card Reader - Track 1/2/3 bi-directional

SMART CARD READER -ISO7816, EMV2000 Level 1 and Level 2

RFID Card Reader - Built-in or external; Comply with ISO14443 Type A/B and qPBOC2.0 L1&L2 standard.

SAM Slot - 3 SAM slot.

Connectivity - Modem/LAN, Wi-Fi,GPRS/CDMA(optional)/3G(optional) (can support dial-up, Lan, wifi, GPRS togther).

Peripherals Interface - 2 x RS232 (for key distribution or optional external PINPAD), 1 x MODEM(RJ11), 1 x Ethernet port(RJ45), 1 x USB(opional)
  Printer - Able to print ASCII characters; Support the printing of graphics files; Print speed >16 lines per sec; Paper width: 58mm ± 0.5mm.

Security - Dedicated security chip; RSA2048/AES/DES/3DES algorithm; Support X9.8 standard, Master/Session and DUKPT key management.

Power - Input: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, Output: 7.5VDC, 3A.

Battery - Addional battery is available, 7.2V 1800mAh , standby time over 8 hours.
Environmental - 20℃-50℃ operating temperature, humidity: 5% -- 90% non-condensing 1:65536+E2.

Size - 207mm*86mm*69mm.

Weight - 485gCertificate CCC, EMV2000L1&L2, PBOC2.0 L1&L2, PBOC2.0 L1&L2, PCI3.X VISA/JCB/MasterCard
The large Nigeria population of unbanked and under-banked consumers is fertile ground for kiosks offering financial services such as bill payments. These kiosks provide a low-cost alternative to banks for cash-preferred consumers.

According to a survey by Luckyflex Research , more than three in five Nigeria households were unbanked or under-banked in 2012. As these households conduct some or all of their financial transactions outside the mainstream banking system, they represent a key potential market for financial services kiosks.

The under-banked market will grow in Nigeria. More and more people are moving away from banks to alternative financial services providers and general-purpose reloadable prepaid debit cards may take the center stage, due to the high charges imposed by banks for checking accounts.
Bill payment such as electricity, PayTv, Cell phone top-up, Land use charges, water rates, Tax etc will get a lot of traction at financial services kiosks in Nigeria.

The walk-in bill payments market is expected to generate annual fee revenues of 435 billion naira a year in Nigeria. This includes both clerk-driven bill payments andSelf Service Payment payments at kiosks. OfferingSelf Service Payment bill-pay kiosks lets the clerk focus on other sales activities that are more revenue-generating for the store.

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Protect E-payment
Improve service level

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